Adam Holmes & Desdemona 
Music for a Small Shelter
slashsound 2021

Jeffrey Brooks
The Passion (drums on The Passion)
Cantaloupe 2019

Glenn Kotche
Sticks, Skins, Metal and Stone (solo vibraphone)
National Sawdust Tracks 2018
Adam Holmes
Compartments Remixes
slashsound 2020

Max Ardito
Hunt (percussion on all tracks)
self-released 2019

Bobby Previte
Terminals Quartets (Terminal B)
Cantaloupe Music 2017
Adam Holmes
slashsound 2019

Gemma Peacocke
Waves & Lines (drums/percussion)
New Amsterdam Records 2018

Aeryn Santillan
EP 1 (drums on Silent Town)
people | places | records 2017