I rent out my own gear from time to time at competitive prices to groups/venues/etc. in NYC. Write to me if you’d like a quote!

Photos and more info available upon request

  • Musser M48 3.0 octave vibraphone
  • Yamaha Glockenspiel
  • “Schnee” Tuned Sleigh Bells (D, D#, F, F#)
  • Zildjian Crotales (2 octaves)
  • Zildjian Bass Crotales (A, B)
  • Hammered Dulcimer
  • Almglocken (assorted pitches)
  • Thai gongs (assorted pitches)
  • Concert Bass Drums
  • Small Chau Gongs
  • Chinese Opera Gongs
  • Pearl Export drum kit
  • A myriad of accessory percussion