Max Patches

I design custom max patches for composers and performers who want to bring electroacoustic pieces to life. Prices vary, so please reach out if you’d like a quote!

Below are a few examples of works that use my patches:

Sample packs

Below you’ll find a number of sample packs that I’ve made from a collection of my own percussion equipment. The samples are cut to begin instantly with a natural fade. No reverb or other effects have been added to the samples, allowing the user to implement effects and plug-ins from the ground up. The demo tracks beneath each pack are completely unedited.

To keep the cost of running this page low, samples will be sent via e-mail following a purchase. Please email me at if you are not contacted within 24 hours.

Hammered Dulcimer

Hammered Dulcimer in a 16-15 layout (not fully chromatic!)


Sandpaper blocks

A few samples of sandpaper blocks, one long and several short.


Bowed Cymbal

Several varied bowed cymbal sounds.


Desk Bells

Full chromatic range of Kids Play desk bells


Brake Drum

Brake drum samples using different mallets, bows, and intensities.



Single and tremolo anvil hits with different mallets.


Gran Cassa

Concert bass drum samples of various durations and intensity.


Crotales (high octave)

Chromatic samples of hildjian high octave crotales (sounding pitches C7 – C8).


Finger Cymbals

1 long and 1 short finger cymbal sample.